Monday, February 12, 2018

Utilitie, GoogleApps: REPOST FOR INSTAGRAM

Repost is the app help you repost photos or videos on the Instagram with keeping the credit easiest.
+ Repost photos and videos with watermark (the credit) "or not"
How To Use
1. Open the app
2. Open the Instagram app (click the icon in action bar to open quickly)
3. Click three dots icon and click Copy Share URL or Copy Link
4. Return the app start repost
You should keep credit original content creator when repost to respect the rights of the Instagram users that you have their permissions to use their photo/video. 


1. This app is not affiliated with Instagram.
2. Any unauthorized action or repost of photo/video and/or violations of Intellectual property rights are the sole responsibility of the user.
3. Respect the rights of the Instagram users.

REVIEW: I love this app because i have 5 instagram channel, and sometimes i need repost a post, and this app work very well, you only need copy link of the post, open repost app, and post... (TIP): Remember that you have the option of watermark (repost) in the post or not... Nobody like see the watermark (repost) in our posts... :P