Monday, February 12, 2018

Fauceut, GoogleApps: FREESATOSHI (legit)

Earn satoshis (bitcoin units), every 30 minutes, watching small videos!
Bitcoin has increased more than 1000% in the last years. With our application you get satoshis without needing to mine, just by entering the app and performing simple tasks, you collect satoshis, in the games you accumulate the internal currency WPoints and when making the withdrawal it is converted into satoshis to complete your balance and you gain even more satoshis.

Cryptocurrency: Satoshi
Claim: All 30 minutes = 11 satoshi
Min. Withdraw: 590 satoshi  /  Fee: No (wallet coinbase or xapo)
Time for Withdraw: 2/5 days (depend of your claim)
ReCaptcha: Yes
Status: Paying

REVIEW: Well is a faucet, you dont will be rich, but this faucet give you 590 satoshi in 2/5 days, depend of your time of claim (11 satoshi per 30 minutes). The ads you can press button back and dont need see. Is a good faucet, but the recaptcha is a little boring.