Monday, February 12, 2018

Fauceut, GoogleApps: FREEBTCZELTS (legit)

In this faucet app you get Satoshis (fractions of free btc) every 30 minutes!
In addition, you can earn bitcoin by playing Jokenpo - stone-scissors-paper!
When collecting Satoshis btc (requesting on the main page, playing and simply using the application), you accumulate enough to be able to withdraw, transferring the Satoshis to your Coinbase or Xapo account.

Cryptocurrency: Satoshi
Claim: All 30 minutes = 11 satoshi
Min. Withdraw: 435 satoshi  /  Fee: No (wallet coinbase or xapo)
Time for Withdraw: 2/5 days (depend of your claim)
ReCaptcha: Yes
Status: Paying


REVIEW: Well is a faucet, you dont will be rich, but this faucet give you 435 satoshi in 2/5 days, depend of your time of claim (11 satoshi per 30 minutes). The ads you can press button back and dont need see. Is a good faucet, but the recaptcha is a little boring.